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  • The Acadian Dancers
    The Acadian Dancers


The dancers with the Acadian flagBiography

La Baie en Joie is Nova Scotia's foremost Acadian dance troupe and one of the rpvince's flagship performing ensembles. Originating from La Baie Sainte-Marie, an Acadian community in the picturesque Southwest region, La Baie en Joie has been captivating and entertaining audiences since 1979. Founder and Artistic Director Anne-Marie Comeau has transformed the rustic art of traditional step-dance into a world-class spectacle characterized by its brilliant showmanship and innovative choreography.

Aged from 13 to 18, La Baie en Joie's dancers are recognized locally and internationally as ambassadors of Acadie. The dancer's precision footwork, radiant smiles and sheer joy on stage has earned them a place at almost every important national and international occasion, including performances in the United States, Germany, and France (at the personal request of the wife of the President of the Republic).

Repertoire and Technical Requirements

Historically, Acadians were prohibited from performing many of their traditional dances from France, and much of the knowledge and technique of these dances has  been lost. Taking inspiration therefore from dancers locally and abroad, founder Anne-Marie Comeau began developing a distinctive style, c reating her own dances with a variety of traditional steps.

La Baie en Joie's show consists mostly of step-dances and jigs, performed on wooden floors with tap shoes. Entertainment is assured through ht euse of various accessories invluding wooden spoons, fishing nets, lanterns, ribbons, brooms, rope, and the Acadian flag. More modern dances sometimes incorporate jazz or lyrical techniques and are typically performed with jazz slippers on wooden floors.

The full repertoire is composed of some fifty dances of varying length, lasting up to an hour. The show is extremely versatile and is pleasing to all ages. It can be presented indoors and outdoors.

Technical Requirements

If live musicians are not present, a sound system capable of playing CD's is required. A wooden floor is preferred.